Affordable Uganda Car Rental Rates

Car Rental in Uganda

Visiting Uganda becomes difficult to many individuals most especially those who always want to do it all for themselves. Now the question on board can be, Am renting a car but where can I got while in Uganda??, this question once puzzled me not until I was satisfied by a Ugandan based car rental agency – 4×4 Car Hire Uganda which provided me with a heavy information about Uganda and this inspired me to share it to all about this company and the places I visited. Uganda has got various tourist attraction features including national parks estimated to be ten which are geographically well distributed plus some game reserve being a habitat for over 400 bird species and over 350 animal species and primates.

And another question was, after us renting a vehicle, what are some of the conditions of hire and the amount will I be charged per day??, all this was answered by experts and I was contented, before anything, these experts directed me to their website of 4×4 Car Hire Uganda which exhibited me a number of vehicles plus their rate.

The following were the rates from which I was given to choose. Safari van $ 70, Super Custom $70, Toyota Rav4 $48, Land Cruiser $90, Land Cruiser TZ $70, Safari Cruiser $200, Coaster Bus $190, Prado Cruiser $70, Toyota Cruiser $90, Toyota Nissan $90 and Land Cruiser V8 $170.  All these rates are per day and they exclude fuel and the driver, however I was told by Moses that a driver can be provided at an extra negotiable cost and on request.

I was inspired by the Prado Cruiser shape and this made me to rent it at $70 USD, but I did not stop at booking the vehicle because of their low and affordable rates, I also organized a trip to Jinja where I was to visit the source of the Nile and also the Uganda wild Life Education Centre at Entebbe. At the Education Centre, I was responsible for my movements and bookings but for Jinja tour and Hotel bookings, its nature Adventure which did it for me after giving them all the money before my journey.

I therefore landed in Uganda at night but surprisingly I was waited by Nature Adventure’s driver who presented to me the car I had hired. Since it was night, I slept at Airport View hotel at Entebbe where I based the following day in the morning to go to Jinja for a tour. Early in the morning I drove my rented vehicle to the eastern Uganda for Jinja. I partnered with Jinja local council which is the managing authority of the source. I paid an entrance fee and even I paid the guides myself.

I got the guides from here who took me to the source where I got a chance to see the Speke monument and also the known source of the Nile, to watch this, there are some stones that were put around that enabled us to watch it clearly, after this, I got inspired and I asked the people around to sail me on the waters of Victoria. Here I was told that they mostly wanted a group of people but these people were so friendly and after negotiations they asked me to pay Ugx50000 only.

They made me tour the surrounding islands and in the evening I was brought back at the source. I embarked into my car and I drove back to Kampala before it got night since it’s not far from Jinja. I went back to airport view hotel for an overnight and the next day I went to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center where I paid to be with Chimpanzee with enough time. I was given some tips to review before proceeding in the centre and these included.

Arriving early to avoid the crowds and ask for the program of my preference, ask for a map or general directions to exhibits and animals, not forgetting to check out my special day events!, Being aware of free ranging monkeys, Making sure that I keep away all food and drinks as start my tour, Asking at the reception for a special guide to take me through, and I didn’t pay for guide services, as this was already included in my entrance ticket, I didn’t carry food and drinks since there was a well-stocked bar and restaurant, including a kids menu.

At exactly 9am, I started filming under the guidance of the guide and I took lunch at the restaurants found here in the Zoo and later I resorted to my activity. After chimpanzee filming in the evening I slept within the centre in the well constructed houses in form of huts. The hut had a nice air due to its ventilation and the conducive sleeping environment. The next morning, I called one of the service providers at Nature Adventure who came at the airport to pick the car. But I wondered was the cheap rates for the different types of cars this company provide to its clients.


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