Souss – Massa National Park

This is one of the greatest national parks within Morocco and it’s located on the coast purposely protecting the different birds and animals living around. The park covers almost 330km² of the main land and its located 60km south of Agadir. The park is famous for its warm ocean breeze plus the wildlife and the amazing cliffs

Uniqueness of the park

The cliffs and the pristine beaches including calm farmlands including the Northern bald Ibis which is only found here in the world.

What to See and Do

The best of this park is its magnificent bird species and bird watching is the greatest activity performed here in the park. The park an eating ground for the ospreys, marbled ducks, flamingos, warbles, and the much endangered Northern bald ibis.

The village of Massa is where visitors can get in touch with the guides who can also take you through the trails of Sidi R’bat and the Ksar Massa.