Ichkeul National Park

Nature park of Lake Ichkeul is the most famous park in Tunisia. The park is in the south of Bizerte, the park can also be accessed by crossing the Tinja Canal which connects Lake Ichkeul to the sea via the Lac de Bizerte which is commonly known as a marine lagoon. Ichkeul is about 25kms south of Bizerte. Almost a 40minutes drive from the port.

From this park is where we find the three ecosystems, the mount Djebel which stands over 511m above the sea level, the Marshland plains occupying around 2740ha and lake Ichkeul from which the park name was got covering a surface are of 8500 hectares.

Having been named a world heritage site since 1980, the park is among the greatest park in the country with over 200 species of birds, the park is considered to be a daily stop over for a number of migrating birds while on their way to Italy. These include the geese, storks, flamingos and ducks among other that gets a rest at the lake to feed and sometimes nest.

The nature park Eco-system also contains a variety of animal species such as otters, buffaloes, porcupines and mongooses.