Amber Mountain National Park

Amber Mountain National Park is located around 30 km south of Diego Suarez. The park was established in 1958 and covers a total surface area of 185km². This park is found in the surrounding dry region forming an isolated stretch of montane rain forest covering an area of 18.200 hectares; it lies at altitudes between 800 and 1.470 metres.

The park is well known for its massive biodiversity and the tropical forest with endemic fauna and flora found only in Madagascar due to its isolation nature. Luxuriant vegetation and many waterfalls and volcanic lakes can be seen here. The dominant ethnic groups are the Sakavala and the Antankarana.

Reptiles and amphibians

A range of reptiles can be watched within the park including chameleons that change colour to match their environment hence acting contrary to the known usual life and it’s said that they use this advantage to defend their territory as well as controlling their temperature. They have different sizes from the enormous Parson’s chameleon to the worlds tiniest.

The park has some astonishing geckos for example the leaf-tailed gecko, which remains camouflaged until it opens its mouth to reveal a bright orange interior. The only amphibians found here are frogs, and 99% of these are endemic, including the green-backed mantilla, similar to those found in South and Central America.

Smaller species and endemic wildlife

The park has got an abundance of insects and spiders including the massive millipedes to beetles. The park also has got some outstandingly beautiful butterfly species estimated to be around 300  though some  not so visually appealing, but all friendly enough with nothing to fear as a human.

The diversity of animals cannot be overstated here at the park as it is a home to over 13,000 plant species and 849 animal species. Out of those, it’s stated that over 39 bird species are endemic and can only be found here at the park. Giant land birds such as the elephant bird may have been driven to extinction though some few can be seen though it takes time to be found, but there is so much more in terms of flora, fauna and birdlife to this magical island that has escaped interference from the outside world.

Sacred Waterfalls

This is among the most visited scenes in Madagascar, the waterfall pass through pool where visitors find more chances to spot some lemurs and birds. There are two more walks ending in waterfalls and Antankarana circuit is the easiest and shortest route to the waterfall though those who are physically fit utilize the Antomboka circuit which is a bit harder to the falls. Other treks lead to some crater lakes within the park

Amber Mountain is another interesting feature which can be climbed by the nature lovers and it gives a spectacular view of over all the forest beneath the top of the mountain. Physically fit visitors can go for a one day hike while to those who aren’t fit enough usually can take up a camping night at Lac Grand, and use two days and one night.