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Luxury Safari in East Africa

East Africa offers a wealth of immersive and memorable adventures that allow you to get even closer to a more natural Africa, going beyond the usual safaris. From walking amongst the Great Migration herds to camping out under the stars, here are our top experiences in this exceptional part of the world.

Everyone is familiar with 4×4 game drives in Africa but swooping four wheels for two feet offers an even more thrilling adventure in the heart of the wilderness. Accompanied by expert guides, track and encounter wildlife and get to know the expansive and diverse natural environment around you.

Expect terrain from woodlands to plains, and from valleys to volcanoes, all experienced in a very different way than when you’re sitting in a vehicle and here, we have an example of his experience we offer Luxury Tanzania Rwanda Safari and it can be tailored based on individual or group.

Africa has a wealth of luxury lodges that elevate an African safari to a five-star experience. However, for a truly memorable night’s sleep, on a walking safari you have the opportunity to bed down in a fly camp set which is set up in a different place each night.

The more daring can have a wild sleep out on rocks in the middle of the wilds, waking up to a rather special sunrise over the hills, and seeing flocks of thousands of birds gathering in the skies.

In addition to a comfortable bed to sleep in, exceptionally experienced staff and a cook will accompany you on your trek each day, so you will always have good food to refuel with after a full and exhilarating day of adventures.

It’s not just about wildlife in East Africa, and on a holiday in this unique part of the world, you can meet and join the locals as they go about their daily rituals, such as the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania. Set out with these hunter-gatherers as they track wildlife with bows and arrows (not for the squeamish), and forage with local women for berries and roots, discovering how they use the land for all their food needs. You will also have the opportunity to meet Maasai people in local villages, and learn about their centuries-old traditions and way of life.

You can help, and get personally involved, by finding out more about community initiatives in the areas you are visiting, and taking part in wildlife conservation and monitoring projects. after all those safari adventures and enriching local experiences, relax and unwind in style at a luxury retreat on a pristine beach in Zanzibar.

Treat yourself to a blissful few day of yoga, meditation, spa treatments and delicious African cuisine, or for a further adrenaline rush, water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking all in a postcard-perfect setting overlooking the Indian Ocean.


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