Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Car Breakdown in Uganda

4x4 Rooftop Tent Car

Driving in Uganda is an experience like no other. This country has multiple well-conditioned roads starting from Kampala and connecting you to various regions.

Therefore it is not hard to understand why most motorists, including tourists base in the capital, and road trip to different parts of Uganda.

If you desire to know how it feels to privately have a ride on Uganda’s varied types of roads, a self-drive tour is for you.

For a cheaper and more flexible option, make sure to hire a 4×4 Car with a Rooftop tent. With this option, you get to reach any place in Uganda with your mobile accommodation.

Before you join the road for your Uganda self-drive holiday, know these common mistakes which can lead to Car Breakdown and get you stuck along the way.

Hitting the potholes

While driving along the roads in Kampala or any other part of the country, try to have a sharp eye and dodge the potholes. There are dangerous mostly if you hit them hard. Expect to cause damages to some parts like the ball joints, deef, and more.

Put on lights at night to notice these spots. Another thing to consider is the humps. Whenever you see one, don’t delay to reduce the speed such that you easily pass it.

Less Fuel

It is always good to have enough fuel especially if you are visiting isolated places with few gas stations. The warning light appears whenever a car detects a shortage of fuel in the tank. Some motorists don’t give attention to this light.

Once it’s empty, then expect the car to stop, and it will shut down everything. If you are far from the next fuel outlet, you will need to get a Boda Boda and a Jerry can to fetch fuel such that you continue with your journey.

Failure to inspect the Car

For a professional driver, you have to inspect and assess whether every part of the car is in good condition before you start. Some people are reluctant about this, but it is perfect for your safety.

At least be sure to open the bonnet and check the level of engine oil, cooling water, brake fluid, and other necessary parts.

Unnecessary use of the Four Wheel Drive

This is important for those who own automatic cars. All cars with the automatic transmission system also have a fully operating foul wheel drive system. You have no reason to apply it manually when you are driving on easy roads in the city or towns.

For automatic cars, the manual application of the 4WD comes in if you desire to challenge muddy and hard-to-pass trails. Once this special task is done, make sure to remove it. If not, you will cause some damage to the gearbox.

Apart from that, here are other important points you should avoid if you need to travel around Uganda safely.

Sitting Kids near the Gear Lever

Kids are one the things that are hard to control on earth. Their hands are ever active, therefore avoid letting them sit near the gear lever. At any time he or she can rotate the shifter without your notice.

This can result in an accident or unwanted damage. Moreover, a child seat is necessary. It can keep him or her safe in one position.

Driving while on the Phone

Driving while talking on the phone is very dangerous and interfering. It is not allowed by the Uganda road driving rules. You either choose to park along the way and talk on the phone or ignore it until you reach your next stop.

Over speeding

It is good to use a minimum speed, and reach safely than to use a high speed and fail to reach because of a head-on collision or car rolling. Over speeding drivers usually fail to control their vehicles in sharp corners.

Abandoning of the Road signs

Road signs are installed along the roads to direct you, but some motorists try to ignore them. Don’t be one of them. The common signs and road markings indicate where to overtake and where not to, speed to use, special sections for other users, and more.


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