10 things To Know before Traveling to Uganda

Kampala city guide

Uganda is one of the easiest countries to access in Africa. It welcomes visitors who come to carry out different activities, including tourists.

Popularly known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is in the Eastern part of Africa. If you plan to visit this nation in the next month or year, it is good to know these useful details highlighted below.

Airlines that serve EBB

Besides Uganda Airlines, the national flag carrier, there are multiple international airlines that serve the Entebbe international Airport. These companies fly daily flights from various parts of the World to Uganda.

The list includes Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways, Qatar, Emirates, Fly Dubai, KLM, Air France, British Airways, Turkish, Ethiopian Airlines, RwandAir, Air Arabia, Air Tanzania, and Air Canada, Air Link, Egypt Air, Etihad and a lot more operators.

Even if there is no direct flight from your home country, you can use a connecting flight to reach EBB Airport. Make sure to search online for discounted offers and reserve in advance.

Documents needed at EBB

It is good to know the documents required at Entebbe Airport for entry permission. These are valid passport that clearly exhibits your details, travel Visa, yellow fever vaccination and the Covid-19 certificate.

If you dont have the vaccination for Covid-19, come with a negative PCR test from a recognized laboratory. You have to present this paper work at the Airport’s immigration customs. You rather forget your jumper at home than forgetting one of these documents.

How to apply for Uganda Visa

Uganda used to issue its Visa on arrival, but after the Covid-19 pandemic, the responsible authorities decided to halt this provision. All incoming visitors apply for Visa online or visit a consulate in the home country and apply in advance.

Transport from the Airport

For private transport, a taxicab is the best option. It is cheap, secure, and quick. It will take you to your exact location. These cars are marked, registered, and operated by friendly drivers.

Try to reserve in advance to avoid getting stuck at EBB Airport. Drivers give service to available customers and those who make arrangements. Sometimes you may reach when there is no cab to take you especially at night.

Other than Airport taxi, you can use public transport. The starting point for the matatus that take people to Kampala is about 6 kilometers from the Airport. By all means, you have to use a cab if you have no any other option. There is no tube or train. Road transport is the only way to go.

Nearest city after EBB Airport

From the Airport, the nearest city is Entebbe. It is the home of this aviation facility. The headquarters are about 6 kilometers. Entebbe is along the shores of Lake Victoria, therefore it is no surprise that it consists of several stunning beaches. From Entebbe, next is Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It is about 40 kilometers, and a ride to this city requires no more than one hour.

Transport around Uganda

Traveling around Uganda is easier. Road transport is widely used. The available road network connects Kampala with other parts of the country. If you need to get around, use public means or hire a car for self drive.

Public transport is cheap and ideal for a local experience. There is Boda Boda, Matatu and Bus services. While in Kampala, you can’t fail to get a Boda. There is a stage at every corner. For Matatu and Bus, visit the Old or New Taxi Park.

Bus operators base from a bus terminal in Kampala, and transport passengers to different regions of the country. If you want to take a bus from Kampala, go to Kisenyi or Namayiba bus stand. Trips are scheduled, and run during day and night.

If not public means, rent a car in Uganda and self-drive. Car rental companies provide various 4×4 vehicles, including Toyota Rav 4, Land Cruiser Prado, V8, GX, VX, Super custom, Toyota Nisan and Coaster bus. The rental rates range between 40150 USD.

For those addicted to camping tours, there is a 4×4 Land Cruiser with rooftop tent for you. The tent has inbuilt mattresses. The rooftop tent car is cheap. It is provided with all the necessary camping gear.

Driving in Uganda

To drive in Uganda, you must have a valid driving license and above the age of 25 years. Motorists in Uganda keep left. Routes in Kampala experience too much traffic in the morning and evening hours.

For a drive from Entebbe to the upcountry, it is better to use the Expressway and the Kampala northern bypass such that you dodge the congested roads in the city center.

Currencies used

The Uganda’s local currency is shillings. Other foreign currencies used in the country are the United States of America dollar, Euro, and the British pound. Most operators in Uganda accept these currencies, but bring current notes starting from 2009 going upwards. They must be in good condition with no writings and teared corners.


Security wise, Uganda is more stable with a great Uganda people’s defense force that protects the country and its people. The police is also available to keep law and order. Every corner in Kampala has a police station.

Language used.

Uganda has about 51 tribes. Each tribe has its own language. Luganda is the most used, especially in Kampala city. The national language is English. Most locals know how to speak English, and it’s the language used in all schools.

Accommodation in Uganda

Whether you are a budget, mid-range or luxury traveler, there is a comfortable room or permanently installed tent to accommodate you. Cities like Kampala have guest houses and hotels for visitors to stay at reasonable prices. Tourist places have lodges, camping grounds and permanent tents for you. You have a chance to choose what you would like to use.

Places to Visit

Uganda has no shortage of incredible places to visit. The list starts with the vibrant cities, historical and religious sites, physical features, cultural villages and protected areas like National parks, game reserves and sanctuaries.

For those who love wildlife, make sure to include parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo, Semliki, and Kidepo on your wish list. Gorillas live in Bwindi and Mgahinga National park. For Chimpanzee primates, Kibale National Park is the number one place to go.

Nearby countries

The pearl of Africa shares borders with Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the south and Rwanda in the south west. DR Congo in the west, and South Sudan in the north. From Uganda, it’s possible to cross to another country mentioned if you have the required documents.


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