Badiar National Park

Badiar national park is located in guinea and it’s bordered by Senegal’s large national park of Niokolo-Koba, the park was established in 1985 and it’s recognized as an international union for Conservation of Nature Park. The park is categorized into two separate areas including Mafou Sector which covers an area of 554km² and the other sector being Kouya with an area of 674km².

Buffer sector covering around 5916km² also around the Mafou sector also make a total sum of the park. The park receives an annual average rainfall of 1000-1500mm mainly during June- October. The park is also crossed by Koulountou River which is one of the Gambia River tributaries.

The park’s eco system has got a very large vertebrate species complemented with a number of plant species. This park is regarded as a Biosphere reserve. It’s associated with the endangered plant species including the Ceiba pentandra, Combretum Micranthum and the Sieberiana.

Endangered animals recorded in the park includes the Western red Colobus, common chimpanzees, white stork, African elephant, African rock python, roan antelope, the Kobs, leopards and the spotted hyenas as well as the baboon. Game drives, birding, camping and photography are among the major activities performed within the park.

This park is located in the east- central of Guinea and it covers a total land area of 6000km² and its regarded as the largest national park in West Africa and the whole of great Niger region and it is one of the largest remaining region with dry forest within West Africa.