Basse Casamance National Park

Basse Casamance national park is referred to be one of the fascinating parks in the republic of Senegal and its appropriate features makes visitors totally engaged within the park throughout the whole safari. The park is located near Oussouye and its 20km from Cap Skirring Airport, the park was established in 1970 and covers an area over 5,000 hectares.

What to See

Guinean forest and savannah woodland occupy the park most, the park has got over 50 mammal including the Western Red Colobus, Prince Demidoff’s Bush baby, Campbell’s Mona Monkey and leopards. African forest Buffalo can be seen within the park hence giving tourist a unique adventure to Senegal. Sports activities along the different water bodies within the park can be enjoyed around

Tekrur Kingdom can be visited along the Senegal River at Futa Toro. It’s believed that this is the oldest kingdoms on record within the republic of Senegal and Africa at large. Visitors acquire information on the historical background of the king though believed to have been formed at the beginning of the 9th century. It believed that this kingdom emerged at the same time as the Ghana Empire.

A number of interesting activities can be performed by visitors while at the park including, paying a visit to a couple of resorts, enjoying the Cap Skiring and Ziguindor at large. A visit to these makes the visitor feel at home since they have got world class amenities.

The park has got a number of restaurants that enables visitors to the park to get access to food and beverages and hotels are also around in case one prefers them and to those who wish to enjoy the park for a great number of days.