Outamba-Kilimi National Park

Outamba-Kilimi national park is found in the south west of Sierra Leone on the border with the republic of Guinea. This park is also divided into two parts with Outamba covering 741km² and the Kilimi 368km². The part was first gazetted as a game reserve and it was later transformed to the national park status in1995.

This park got its name in after the Mount Outamba which is the highest peak around the area plus River Kilimi which is the longest river within the park. The park has got a large number of chimpanzees and it is mostly scattered with woodland savannah vegetation plus a mixture of jungle.


 The park has got an abundance of primates including chimps, sooty mangabeys, and colobus monkeys. Elephants, Warthogs, Bongo antelopes plus hundreds of bird species

Visiting the Susu tribe

The Susu are found around Karangia which is regarded as a hill of learning, hiking around the hill also gives a nice experience since it forms a good trail for the hikers around. The Susu village is among the visited places within the park since visitors can enjoy the traditional culture including learning how to cook their local food, traditional dances and hunting techniques.