Uganda Safari Holidays 2023


Uganda the pearl of Africa is one of the best countries to go for any wildlife or primates safari you would wish too. Having more than half of the mountain gorillas in the whole of Africa makes it a more credible country for tourism. The many national parks in Uganda make the country resourceful and having a wide range of choice. Wherever you choose to go, you only get Uganda safari memorable experiences.

Visit Bwindi Forest National Park; the world’s highest population of mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi Forest National Park. Besides gorilla trekking tours, you can engage in the gorilla habituation experience, a full day with the gorillas at a cost of US$1500 and US$ 700 for the normal trekking that gives one hour with the apes, forest birding and nature walks as well as cultural experiences.

Arguably the most biologically diverse area on earth, with half of only surviving world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas in the world, Bwindi impenetrable forest is a must go destination once in Africa.

Don’t miss out on Kibale Forest National Park. Chimpanzee tracking is the pursuit of chimpanzees in this forest. This is done by following in the footsteps of the chimps. Safari tracker guides will enlighten you on how to track chimpanzees (and other primates like monkeys and baboons) by reading clues left behind by these animals including footprints, dung etc.

Kibale Forest National Park is very good for chimpanzee tracking trips however Uganda safari chimps can also be sighted in Budongo forest in Murchison Falls National Park and also in Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Go for Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s most scenic and visited game reserve. A massive variety of habitats including the Savannah grassland mixed with various kinds of trees and grassy plains as well as different swamps and volcanic features which include volcanic cones and deep craters and tropical rain forests give the park its distinctive look.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is an ideal place to sight large game, go bird watching (612 species) on the Kazinga channel, and track chimpanzees in the Kyambura Gorge. Find tree climbing lions in Ishasha.

Join Kidepo Valley National Park. Kidepo has 77 mammals, making it one of the best game drive parks in Africa. Over 475 bird species found here. Visit the Karamojong people; take walks to Lomej Mountains, Namamkweny Valley and Morungole Mountains. Kidepo valley national park is a true nugget of Uganda’s nature with great Savannah landscapes and rising mountains in its background.

Find a way to Murchison falls national park. This is the largest conservation area in Uganda covering an area of over 3,840km deriving its name from its famous waterfall; the Murchison falls. These falls are formed when the Victoria Nile powerfully forces its way through a narrow cleft as it thrusts 43m down with a thundering cascade. In addition, visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. These falls form the centre piece and this is the most visited.

Lake Mburo national park is yet another place to enjoy. This is one of Uganda’s smallest wildlife parks although very rich in wild game. Plentiful of bird life flourishes here with more than 315 different bird species, a rich animal life including 68 different mammals like impala, leopards, buffalo, jackals and hyenas to see on a Uganda safari. Aside all this, it is only here that you will find zebras.

Go for relaxation at Lake Bunyonyi. This is at most the loveliest lake in Uganda. The lake contains 29 islands and most of these are inhabited and terraced for agriculture. Enjoy seeing school children paddle dug-out canoes through the misty morning as crested cranes fly overhead in the wake of the morning. This is a true birding paradise. Watch the blue headed sun bird, cardinal wood peckers and others. Visit in small groups with your local guides.

Go for Sipi falls the most gorgeous chain of waterfalls in Uganda sitting in the foothills of Mt. Elgon as they overlook a vast plain. The falls have three levels all with unspeakable beauty although the 95m main drop attracts more visitors to this place and more to that, Sipi’s lodging looks out over it. Spending a night or two in this spectacular but peaceful place is an encounter you cannot afford to miss.

Hike mountain Elgon.  This park lies on the border between Kenya and Uganda. Mountain Elgon by far has the largest surface area any extinct volcano in the world has with a caldera that covers over 40km2 at its top. This is the second highest mountain in Uganda after mountain Rwenzori and its highest peak Wagagai sits at a height of 4,321m.

Golden Monkeys of Mgahinga. There are very few places in the world where you find this magnificent wildlife creature. Most tourists add to the list of exciting trekking experiences as you watch the soaring mountains of the Virunga. Other wildlife primates found here.

Visit Lake Victoria. Aside being the chief reservoir of the Nile, it is also the largest lake in Africa and the second world largest fresh water lake. In the centre; great plateau there is a shallow depression in which Lake Victoria fills with its waters and this stretches between the Eastern and western rift valleys. You can also visit the river banks of the Nile in Jinja.


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