Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve

Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve is a conservation protected area in northeastern Uganda. The Reserve is part of the corridor wildlife reserves in Karamoja region. Bokora Corridor Game Reserve is situated in the dry plains of eastern Uganda and the fact that its roads are not in good condition makes it hard to be accessed especially in the wet (Rainy) seasons of the year. Bokora Corridor Game Reserve can best be accessed by a bad condition road in the dry season only.

The wildlife that lives in Bokora Corridor Game Reserve includes the Giraffe, Gazelle, eland, Antelope plus more animals. A wide variety of birds also reside in Bokora Corridor Game Reserve which makes a favorite spot for birding safaris in Uganda.

There is what you need to know about these corridor game reserves. The Karamajong are portioned into separate ethnic groups which include the Bokora, the Upe, the Pian and the Matheniko who reside in respective game reserves that carry their ethnic name. The Bokora reside in the Bokora Corridor Game Reserve.

There are lots of birds around their swamp terrains which creates an environment for birding safaris. Such extinct birds that are found in Loporokocho swamp include the Ostrich, Jackson’s Horn bill, the White-headed Buffalo-Weaver plus so many more species of birds.