Gouraya National Park

Gouraya National park is one of the popular tourist attractions in Algeria due to its combination of both safari and typical beach holiday adventure, this strategic location makes it a number one target for every tourist to Algeria with nature adventure Africa safaris limited. The rich bio-diversity that every visitor to the country may not miss while. The park is made of the patches of wetland, lake Mezaia and marine life in coastal area.

Despite of the fact that the park was situated off the coast of the Mediterranean, the province of Bejaia remain a true location of the Gouraya national Park. Relating with other national parks in the country, this park also derives its name from the scenic Gouraya Mountains towering to 672m above sea level.

The mountains ranges give way for the hanging cliffs and to breath taking beaches on the Mediterranean Sea coast, these cliffs are good for photography as they give a chance to the visitors to see far away and also enjoy the different birds and other reptiles that cross around the park’s marine on the sea coast.

The park also was listed by UNESCO as a great destination for Bio-sphere reserve with a great deal of species with tree spurge, prickly juniper, Kernes oak, olive trees, myrtles, carob and the Aleppo pine that grows on the slopes of Mount Gouraya. The park covers a landscape of 2,080 hectares approximately 20.8km² and was gazetted as an Algerian National park in 1984

Wildlife in Gouraya, the park is also rich in the faunas with some endangered species of Barbary apes and other species such as wild cat, jackal and Algerian Hedgehog. With some parts of the marine section are the several species of the short-beaked common dolphin, sperm whale, harbour porpoise and bottlenose dolphin and many others caught by the fishermen around?

Visitors who enjoy beach life also take up holidays around the park as they enjoyed the flavour combining faunas, flora and after the water for refreshment while swimming around, swimmers and divers enjoy the park too.

How to Get to Gouraya, Gouraya Algeria Park is in the Bejaia province near the town of Sidi Touati. It located 30km north east of Jijel, northern Algeria. Unfortunately, there are no accommodation facilities in Gouraya National park and this necessitates travelling to Algiers 195miles from the Gouraya Park where the hotels are in abundance and time management is crucial.