Zembra and Zembretta Islands National Park

Coast of the Gulf of Tunis is nice place for having a stunning view of the two is­lands in the distance in the Mediterranean Sea and these are the Zembra and Zem­bretta islands. Ideally these beautiful islands are a pleasant discovery for lovers of nature and birds and this is a must visit place for every tourist before leaving the country.

Zembra and Zembretta the two islands found in the north-eastern gulf of Tunis constitutes into a national park empowering the eco­logical endowment of plants and birds as well as breath taking landscapes free and open to visitors who want to enjoy hiking and camping within the park.

Zembra is the largest island occupying a total land area of 369 hectares and extends to 432 metres above sea level, besides land, the park has a rock formation which is an outcrop and hangs above in the around the island. To those who have never got a chance to have a look at the cliffs, Zembra is the ideal answer for the visitors to enjoy. Another twin island is the Zembretta which is 8km east of Zembra and it covers an area of 2 hectares.

These are considered to be one of the richest national parks in Tu­nisia and the Islands are remarked for their unlimited birds for which a vast of them nests on the islands. These are found just loitering around the park and moving up and down, some of which are endemic to the islands. These islands have offered an asylum to most of the species nearing extinction.

Internationally, the park is fa­mous for hosting the threatened Mediterranean shear water and also for the presence of the rare Au­douin’s gull and being a colony for more than 140000 pairs of both migrating and nesting birds. This is the highly protected national parks in Tunisia.

Besides being a bird territory, the islands exhibits a variety of plants with a vegetation full of dense bush and rare plants. This includes palm trees that only exist on the islands; these cannot be found elsewhere in Tunisia.

Hikers also enjoy the islands too due to the mesmerizing landscape within the hills and the cliffs including enjoying the fresh waters of the Mediterranean Sea hence visitors enjoy the adventurous hikes while in Tunisia s. Besides the islands exhibiting a wealth of vegetation and birds, the islands also portrays the marks of history as ruins of Roman and Phoenician settlements were discovered on the islands.

The park is always open for visitors from the different countries and designation and therefore, those interested in camping, camping can also be done while in the parks. The park is only accessed by boat under the maximum protection from the Tunisian Coast Guard for security reasons and to secure the eco systems.