Ankarafantsika National Park

The park is between Betsiboka River to the west and the Mahajamba River to the east. This park was combined with another national park that was adjacent to each other in 2002 to form the greatest woodland park. The park occupies about 135,000 hectares and consists of patches of thick dry tropical forest. There are also savannahs, scrub and sandy eroded rock areas and some land is farmed by the indigenous Sakavala people who are the main settlers around the park.

There are a number of lakes and the park is occupied majorly with lakes and rivers plus other paths. There are lodging facilities and guides are available to help visitors appreciate the wildlife and scenery in conjunction with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited.  The park is famous for its lemur which is the smallest mammal plus the various reptiles and amphibians.

Places to be visited while in the park includes,

Sacred places, the lakes Tsimaloto, Ampijoroa, Antsiboka and Ankomakoma, the Doany of Betsiboka in Bealana where the traditional worships take place, doany of Ambalabongo and the sacred lake Ravelobe. Also are the tombs of the Sakalava kings in Andranomiditra

Sailing on the Lake Ravelobe

Boat safari on the quiet, 60ha large Lake Ravelobe and here guides while on the boat explains to the visitors the historical backgrounds of the legend Ravelobe who was a dangerous and feared man in the garafantsy considered earlier as the hill of thorns. While on the lake, crocodiles and the different bird species such as the herons, egrets, jacanas, moorhens, Glossy ibis, wild ducks and the African darter are also experienced.

The park is has got different circuits among which include, Coquereli circuit divided in to small and big tour, the Baobab extension circuit, the Nocturnal circuit, the Retendrika circuit, the Pachypodium circuit, the source of life circuit, the Ankarokaroka Circuit, the Ankoririka Circuit and the Top of the Lake circuit. Each of the circuit has got its beautiful wonders that must not be missed by the visitors; in addition each circuit goes at a different price depending on how long is it.