Baie de Baly National Park

Baie de Baly National Park or Baly Bay National Park is situated in the region of Boeny in the District of Soalala, close to Soalala. The park is approximately is 150km to the next major Mahajanga city. Most of the park’s Vegetation consists of dry forests and scrub-shrubs, mangroves, lakes and swamps mixed with savannah grassland. The southern border is engulfed by the Kapiloza River and Andranomavo River which crosses the park. It is bordered in the north by the Mozambique Channel and in the east by the Bay of Marambitsy.

The park has got 13 mammal species including 6 primate species, 4 rodents, 2 carnivores and one artiodactyls species, 37 species of Reptiles, 8 species of amphibians, 122 species of birds with 55 species of water birds and the park is ideal for both birders and the game drives. The park is ideal during may-November though it can be visited throughout the year during the working days.