Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

This park is located in the southeast of Senegal River in the republic of Senegal and its north of Biffeche and north east of St-Louis. Djoudj National Park is a 16000ha wetland with a large lake surrounded by streams, ponds and backwaters. The park is a haven and the best place in Senegal to view over 1.5 million birds that are permanent residents and more 3millions species that migrate into the sanctuary every year from September to April as they flee from the Coldness in Europe.

This is said to be the third largest bird sanctuary in the world, it was listed as a natural World Heritage Site in 1981 due to its biological diversity. The park got its name from Djoudj bolong a great word from the Mandika people meaning “salt water channels aligned with mangrove”.

The park is a habitant to a number of wetland mammals with birds such as the pelicans and flamingos, aquatic Warblers, purple herons, African spoonbills, great egrets and cormorants that are seen migrating from Europe. Arrange of wildlife also enjoy the park including Monitor lizards, pythons and crocodiles. It is also resident place for mammals such as cows, patas monkey, warthogs, hyenas, Libyan cats, servals and Dorcas gazelles.