Planning Self Drive Safari with 4×4 Car Hire Uganda


Are you an adventurous traveler? 4×4 Car Hire Uganda allows you pick a public game park, rent a car and tour the African bush on your own. Since self-drive safaris are only possible in public parks that usually have paved roads and signs, you need not worry about getting lost in the plains of Africa or becoming food for a hungry lion. For the cheapest possible safari, 4×4 car hire Uganda is your best bet. We can help to book for your meals, tours and accommodations, enabling you to opt for the most inexpensive lodging you can find or tour the bush on your own instead of hiring a guide.

One potential drawback of 4×4 car hire Uganda safari is that without a knowledgeable local guide, you may miss some wildlife. To remedy this problem, read guidebooks on spotting wildlife, bring a field guide or stop and ask other travelers where they’ve seen the best game this is easier to do with a ranger of the park.

Uganda is a beautiful country with safari opportunities available across thousands of miles, so the best time to travel to Uganda depends on your specific destination including the ten National Parks. Overall, it’s best to travel in the dry season in the months of June, July, August, September, December, January and February, which corresponds with the region’s winter.

Today travelers hunt for photo opportunities instead of occasions to kill. Planning your African safari trip is quite simple when you break it down correctly. Here is the way you can arrange you trip.

  • Knowing what you want from your safari. A great safari seem more than seeing wildlife, it’s about variety, memorable experience in the bush and fantastic service in an Eco-natural lodge. You may want the smells, sounds and sights of the lands with memories that outlive any other traditional holiday.
  • The type of safari you want to go on; basing on the type of safari, a guided safari will give you all the benefits of having an experienced and knowledgeable guide to take you where you are most likely to see wildlife. Even if you are on self-drive you can hire a guide when they stay at the lodge. This may be a good idea if you are new to safari and you would want some experience and tips before you go off on you self-drive safari holiday.
  • Knowing your safari accommodation; where you stay and how you live when on self-drive safari can affect you experience of safari. If camping in the bush is definitely not for you, then you can opt for luxury camp sites, mid-range or Budget safari lodges. Safari lodges vary but almost all of them offer great food, beautiful locations, well self-contained rooms and great service. Some also offer swimming pools, tennis courts, spas, gift shops, and beautiful gardens all designed for a beautiful stay.
  • What to do when you get on safari; when you go on a safari you want to see as much wildlife as you can but remember that wildlife comes in many forms including birds, insects and invertebrates. Seeing the endangered mountain gorillas may be a thrill for a life time memorable experience. On surface, a safari seems to be all about seeing wildlife, but is more to it than that. Uganda’s scenery, panoramic views, scents and sounds of a country are as much part of the whole adventure as the wild.
  • You can also plan to take time out to visit some small towns and villages on your route so you can visit the local shops and see how spend their way of life style.
  • Work out the best time to go; before planning your safari holiday in details you need to think when is the best time to travel? Of course each country you visit in African has a slight difference in terms of weather conditions, climate, terrain and wildlife. The climatic conditions need to be taken in consideration before you start to plan your safari so you can finally choose the best possible time to travel.
  • How long should you go on a safari depends to a large extent on your budget, your schedule and what you want to do when you are there. Take a look at some itineraries to get an idea of what you can fit in during the long or short self-drive safari to create your own perfect safari.


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