Old Oyo National Park

This national park got its national park after the old Oyo which was a political capital of the Oyo Empire in the 16th century. The park covers a total land area of 2512km² and the largest part falling in the Oyo State and the other part to Kwara State. This national park is composed of two previous administrative reserves of the upper Ogun and the Oyo-lle forest reserves. These historical reserves were converted into a national park in 1952.

The park is 51km north of the city of Ibadan, the park has got an in front position with its great land mass consisting of areas of diverse wildlife and cultural and historical places. The park is a home to Nile crocodiles and the land tortoise. The park headquarters are located in Oyo Isokun area along Oyo-Iseyin road and this is where visitors can enjoy the lay of the landscape within the park.

The park has got number of tourist attractions of which some are historical and archaeological; these are mostly located in northern end of the park. Attractions and sightseeing fascinating features include the Relics of the Old city walls of Oyo-lle, the old Akesan Market, Alaafin’s Palaces consisting pottery features that were used long ago plus the great Agbaku Cave, the Kosomonu hill.

Tourists can enjoy also the wildlife museum at Akoto base camp, visiting Ikere Gorge Lake and take a boat Cruise is also an amazing activity. Mountaineering at Kosomonu hill and doing sport. The park is endowed with fauna almost covering the largest land of the park hence giving photographers a nice experience of the safari. Noted animals include elephants, buffalos, antelopes, baboons, pata monkeys, Grimm’s duiker, crested porcupine, Western kobs, lions plus buffaloes.

Others include red river hog, baboon viper, spotted hyena, Nile crocodile, rock python, land tortoise, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthog, guinea fowl, hammer kop, just to  mention but a few

The park has also got more than 300 bird species recorded in the park. Some of the well known ones are Guinea Fowl, Hammer Kops, White headed Plover, African fish eagle, Yellow mantled Whydah, Bush fowl, Senegal Fire-finch, Grey Hornbill Grey Heron Bannerman’s Weaver, crossley’s Ground. Thrush, African fish eagle, bush fowl, Senegal parrot, grey heron, grey hornbill, white-headed plover, yellow mantled whydah.