7 Things You Must Know Before You Visit Rwanda

Visit Rwanda Gorillas

For an insight into a blend of Africa’s great allures, make sure not to omit Rwanda on your wish list. This land of a thousand hills hides in the Eastern Part of the African continent.

Travelers pack for it because of multiple reasons.

Some come in as tourists, some come for research and study purposes and others come for business issues like meetings, conferences to mention but a few.

Is Rwanda your next move?

These points listed below are paramount to know before you board a flight to this appealing travel destination.

Its Location.

Towered by the Virunga volcanoes, Rwanda is geographically located in the Eastern region of Africa. It is near Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Burundi in the South.

Which Airport to receive you?

All flights from other parts of the World to Rwanda are welcomed at Kigali Airport. This is the international airport of the county.

Located a few kilometers from Kigali city, this landing space receives several flights per day operated by numerous airlines including Rwanda Air, the country’s national carrier.

Things needed for Entry to the country.

Like any other travel destination, all visitors to Rwanda must have the three required documents. These include a valid passport, tourist visa and a yellow fever vaccination card.

Apart from that, a PCR test certificate from a genuine laboratory is also mandatory and you must be negative. This came after the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus.

What’s its Capital?

The capital city of Rwanda is Kigali. It is just a few minutes from the airport and ranks amongst the top cleanest and organized cities in Africa.

There is plenty of Attractions.

For those who are visiting Rwanda for tourism, there is a lot for you. Just come well prepared and ready to immerse yourself into its unmatched sceneries.

If hiking adventures don’t appeal, Rwanda is also famous for wildlife, rich culture and history, vibrant nightlife, engaging local life, complacent hospitality services and worth to taste the local cuisine.

In case you need a Rwanda Safari, don’t hesitate to contact Eco Tours Rwanda to take you around.

The tailored packages includes Gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, game drives, chimpanzee tracking to name but a few.

Language Used.

Most locals in Rwanda speak Kinywaranda and French.

There are now adapting to English. Many volunteers are visiting the country to teach the locals how to speak and write English especially for the young ones.

Right now most Rwandese can try English although it is still a burden to them.

Foreign Currency used in Rwanda.

The national currency of Rwanda is Rwandan Francis. The main foreign currencies accepted in the country include US Dollar, Euros and Pounds.

Once you come with your home currency, just know that to make any payment you will be required to change your money into one of those currencies listed above.

Are the locals friendly?

With their smiling faces, Rwandan locals are truly friendly and usually free to associate with visitors.

If you are still doubting this, you will witness it when you visit some villages. Some locals even wave and say bye-bye when you find them along the way.

What about accommodation?

When it comes to accommodation, Rwanda deserves a five-star rating. It has all kinds of accommodation facilities. Whether you need a budget, mid-range or deluxe lodging facilities, there are all in place.

Once in Kigali you find hotels of all categories, then for the National Parks there are dotted with fully equipped lodges you can’t miss for a night stay.

It’s the best for Gorilla lovers.

Among the three Gorilla hosting destinations in Africa, Rwanda is ranked the best.

It does not only offer a wide range of Gorilla species but also its Park (Volcanoes National Park) for Gorillas is easier to access and not far from Kigali city.


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